American Idol mania hits San Diego once again. The American Idol 2009 Summer Tour made its only stop in San Diego Saturday night at the Sports Arena in front of thousands of fans.

Some fans arrived at the venue 12 hours before the show in the hopes of grabbing an autograph or picture of their favorite idol. Farrah Rose and a group of her friends spent all night making shirts that had pictures of Idol's Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen. "We have 'kradam' together, and then Kris, and then Adam, and then on the back,it says it all together," said Rose.

About five hours before the show, customers and employees of the Chick-Fil-A restaurant next door to the arena, saw six of the idols order chicken sandwhiches. "I was with my wife having lunch we saw about six of the idols, got pictures with them," said idol fan Ron Haddix.

San Diego is the tour's tenth stop, which spans 50 U.S. cities. Fox 5 was able to talk with five American Idols before the San Diego show, and some said it takes getting used to touring. "We're a little bit tired, but it's a good tired. I'd rather be tired than not doing anything," said idol Anoop Desai.

While others said they were having the time of their lifetime. "We broke out some silly string on the fans last night, and you don't know what's coming next, because it can be anything," said former contestant Michael Sarver.

The artists said they've gone since the show. Many of them are working on albums. Sarver said he's coming out with a country album that is influenced by his liking of R&B music. Scott MacIntyre said he's working on his album, and a possible book deal about his life. And San Diego's Adam Lambert said he'll start recording "heavily" in about three weeks. "There will be tracks that are a little more rock sounding, maybe tracks that are a little bit more dancy...there's going to be tracks that are funky, there will be tracks that are pretty, like 'mad world,' " said Lambert.

Lambert wasn't the only one with San Diego or Southern California connections either. "I have some relatives out here, I was born in Redondo Beach, so I'm familiar with certain parts of California," said MacIntyre. "My uncle lives out here, so I have some family around. I had some breakfast with them. It's like my first normal breakfast in like forever," said Sarver.

But all of them said this is a dream come true. "Thank you guys so much for the support. If it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't be here," said contestant Allison Iraheta.