Aaron Kelly, an American Idol finalist from Pennsylvania, is just 17 years old and singing isn't his only passion.

"Photography is definitely a huge thing for me," said Kelly. "What I do is I just go out and find things to take pictures of and it can be a plain thing, but through the camera it can look totally different."

Kelly has been cyber schooled which means all of his classes are online. He was ahead of where he needed to be and will still graduate on time.

When it comes to dating, his ideal girl happens to be a singer, too.

"My celebrity crush is Selena Gomez," said Kelly. "I have a friend that's friends with her, and she said that she's a sweet person all around."

If he wins, Kelly said he'd like to spoil his mother for all the sacrifices she's made. She's actually his aunt who adopted him and his brother after their biological parents couldn't take care of them.

"My mom has given up a lot to make sure all her kids have the things in life that we needed," said Kelly. "She's put her dreams aside to make sure ours come true and she's definitely given up her entire life... So we're set for life, and I'm really thankful for that."

At this point in the competition, the stakes are high. Kelly knows singers from previous seasons go on to have extremely successful careers after the season ends.

"Anybody can win it," Kelly said. "I don't necessarily think I'm going to win it, but just to make it this far is incredible, but I don't want to doubt myself, and these people are all great so we all have a great chance of winning this."