A San Diego chef is the center of an Immigration and Customs enforcement crackdown. Michel Malecot, owner of "The French Gourmet" was indicted on 12 felony charges related to employing illegal immigrants,

Court documents alleged that Malecot knowingly hired 18 undocumented workers, even after being notified that their social security numbers were fake.

"The government has chosen one person. They are going to try to cut off his head to discouarge the others," said Eugene Iredale, Malecot's attorney.

Immigrations and customs enforcement are not denying the allegation.

"Individual cases get a lot of attention, and we are doing this across the country in every state in the nation," explained Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Chief John Morton.

"The French Gourmet" could be shut down for good if prosecutors get their way. Malecot also faces 15 years behind bars.

Iredale said the chef cares about cooking in a community he's been part of for 31 years, often times catering for charity. He says ICE is making an example out of the wrong guy.

"For cocaine not for croissants, for crank or meth, but not for creme brulee. It seems to me the government is in a serious case of overkill," Iredale said.