Family and friends came together Saturday to say their goodbyes to Officer Jason Prokop.

Prokop, a fire-year officer, was killed in an off-duty traffic collision while helping a driver after an early morning accident on Interstate 15.

San Diego Police Chief, William Lansdowne, was one of many who spoke of Officer Porkop's dedication and love for the community in which he worked in. " He understood, as I gave him that badge what it meant. That, that badge is more than just a symbol of authority," Chief Lansdowne said.

The former Army Ranger joined the San Diego Police Department in 2007. But it won't be his years of service he will be remembered for the most. "He's a very compassionate, caring leader; he became my voice of reason," One colleague recalled. "He was the calm one who convinced me to give second chances."

Prokop earned a reputation for his empathy on the force and in the community he served. The 34 year-old leaves behind a wife, Julie, and two young sons.

The only thing that outweighed Prokop's love for his job was his love for his family. "I fully believe if Jason had a choice, then this is the way he would have wanted to die -- helping someone else," said his father, Steve Prokop."

The funeral was held at the Rock Church in Point Loma.