Record heat was felt by residents throughout San Diego County, Monday afternoon.

Unseasonably hot weather saw record temperatures being shattered in 12 different communities.

"I thought the summer was over but it don't look like it," said Steven Phipps, a car washer in El Cajon. "It's hard right now being in this heat."

The recorded high was 109 degrees Monday although in certain parts of the city, temperatures approached 112 degrees.

"I'm trying to stay in the shade as much as possible," Phipps said. "It's hot, it's 111 degrees right now."

Parents of young children should be advised that playground equipment can get so hot that burns could occur.

In El Cajon, the top of one playground slide we measured was 147 degrees. The sidewalk next to the slide was 130 degrees.

According to the National Weather Service the following communities saw record high temperatures:

Location:       New Record:       Old Record:
BIG BEAR LAKE           84             84 IN 2003
BORREGO                 108             107 IN 1999
EL CAJON                 109             100 IN 1993
ELSINORE                 111            106 IN 1975
INDIO                       109             109 IN 1978
PALOMAR MOUNTAIN       89             88 IN 1968
RIVERSIDE MARCH       108             106 IN 1993
SANTA ANA               111             108 IN 1963
VISTA                     107             105 IN 1963
YORBA LINDA               112             108 IN 1963
RAMONA APT ASOS       108             100 IN 1978
RIVERSIDE APT ASOS       113             106 IN 1993