SAN DIEGO -- A Hillcrest woman is posting “Cat owners beware” signs around her  neighborhood after her own pet was trapped by a neighbor and dropped off at an animal shelter.

Marilyn Margion hung "missing cat" signs around her neighborhood after her feline went missing three weeks ago.

“At first I thought maybe coyotes, maybe she got caught inside a garage,” Margion said. 

Days later, she received a call from a woman who said she trapped the cat in her back yard, then left it in front of the Humane Society doors overnight.

The Department of Animal Services confirmed Margion's cat had been dropped off during non-operating hours and had scraped on its head, San Diego Animal Services Deputy Director Dan DeSousa said.

“I was so happy they had him,” said Margion, who ended up paying $300 to get her cat back from Animal Services. “(The woman who trapped the cat) didn’t even apologize.”

FOX 5 News contacted the alleged cat trapper, who said she’s trying to rid the neighborhood of stray cats by setting out traps.

“It’s perfectly legal to trap animals on your property,” said DeSousa, however “those who catch animals can’t just drop them off anywhere, neither in front of an animal shelter during off hours.”

Abandoning an animal in this manner could be categorized as a misdemeanor, according to DeSousa.

Pet owners can protect their animals from being treated as strays by having them implanted with identification microchips. DeSousa said. Local animal shelters check new animals for microchips so owners of lost animals can be contacted.

Since Margion's cat has returned home, she began putting "Cat Owners Beware" signs around her neighborhood to let other pet know about the trapping.