SAN DIEGO— Fans of all ages cheered on some of the world’s best golfers Thursday at the Farmers Insurance Open in Torrey Pines, but it was apparent which people were fans of Rickie Fowler.

Fowler of Anaheim, Calif. started just before 8 a.m. and dozens of supporters followed him while he played the north course. 

“It’s pretty awesome just to be that close to him,” 12-year-old Drew Mings said. 

Flat brimmed hats and bright colors were a big trend in the crowd following the 23-year-old fan favorite.

“There’s a big crowd around him today. It’s kind of Tiger-esc,” golf fan Tim Mings said. “The game of golf is moving towards that younger crowd and [golf is] more hip. He’s definitely one of those young guns out there that’s making some moves.”

Jake Flaczinski, 12, showed his support by dressing like the golf pro.  He dawned Fowler's white, plaid pants, orange hat, and more.

"I kind of got lucky - I guessed his outfit except for the orange shirt... which is in the car,” he said.