As wet weather soaked San Diego's east county, neighbors worry if the next passing storm will take more lives and damage more property.

Linda Flick, 58, was killed Tuesday afternoon as a result of the high winds and rain. Authorities said a eucalyptus tree toppled three mobile homes at the Flynn Springs Country Creek Mobile Home Park. Flick was sitting on her couch when the tree crashed through her home, killing her instantly.

"It could not have hit no perfectly in the center of her living quarters," said resident Carl Golden. He escaped but his trailer didn't.

"That tree, I was rolling my awning up and when I looked out, the tree was doing a 360 in the air," Golden described.

On Wednesday morning, the weather gave residents a break before the next winter storm. Golden spent the day trying to clean up the best he could, but said he's not sure what to do if the next storm is like the previous one.

At the Cameron Mobile Estates in Santee, resident Alice Sedals said she is nervous about the upcoming storm especially since some of her neighbors have evacuated.

"Maybe we're foolish for staying here, I don't know," said Sedals.

Cal Fire spokesperson Mike Mohler offered this advice for people worried about the winds.

"Stay away from windows stay towards the center of your house. And don't go out to look because you could get hit from some type of falling debris," Mohler warned.

Sedals' heeding that advice and hopes her roof doesn't blow off, like her neighbors did on Tuesday afternoon.

"So we have nothing loose lying around, and our gutters are cleaned, and I don't know what more we can do," she said.

As another strong winter rain moves in Thursday, it's expected to be stronger than the preceding storm.