Stolen dog reunited with owner

Stolen dog reunited with owner (August 15, 2009)

A Joshua Tree woman will be reunited today withher poodle, who was stolen from the family car while they were visiting MissionBeach last week.

The poodle was reported stolen from the family's vehicle at Belmont Parkon Aug.7, said County Animal Shelter spokesman Dan DeSousa.

The heartbroken family returned to Joshua Tree without their dog, whosename is ``Lucy.''

On Friday, a family brought a small, white poodle to the County AnimalShelter on Gaines Street, he said.

The family had purchased the dog from an unknown person on Wednesday butsoon decided that the poodle did not go well with them and gave it up, he said.

The shelter staff scanned the dog for a microchip and one was detected,he said. Owner Kim Kendall was contacted and told that her poodle was found.

``Having your animal microchipped ensures that your pet has a tickethome,'' said Dawn Danielson, director of the Department of Animal Services.

The microchip, which contains the owner's identity, was surgicallyembedded into the dog's skin. All dogs that are turned into the County AnimalShelter, and most shelters across the country, are scanned for such microchips.