It's a screening that could save your life, because Dr. David Naugle says breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women.

The most effective way to find it, is through mammograms, but now the screening has entered the digital age.

Up until now, radiologists at Scripps Mercy Chula Vista used analog imagine, but now instead of using actual film-strips to read mammogram images, doctors are using a computerized system. Dr. Naugle says the new exam will cut a patient's procedure time in half, plus, it will improve detection.

"It's easier for us to see changes in density, and it also enables us to see calcifications a little more easily," says Dr. Naugle.

Digital images are stored electronically, and the readings are more accurate.

According to Scripps Mercy radiologists, the high-quality mammography is the most effective technology available for the diagnosis of breast cancer. Dr. Naugle says the digital imaging has replaced analog imagine in hospitals all around San Diego.

"This is big news for us particularly for the population we serve. We serve the lower socioeconomic group, and this allows them to have cutting edge medicine with everyone else in the world."