SAN DIEGO - Charger Head Coach Norv Turner on the sidelines this week waiting to see if he has a job come next season.  But fans are speaking out on what should happen to the future of the team right now.

Norv Turner isn’t revealing a lot about his future with the San Diego Chargers, not letting out a hint on his job security.  “It’s a process and we’ll find out more in the coming day,” Turner said in press conference on Monday.

But while Norv stays away from the topic, some Charger fans are talking and what FOX5 found Norv’s support and non-support is just about equal.  “He needs to get out, we need new direction,” said Kent Webert.  “I think he’s had enough time to turn this team around and he just hasn’t.”

Still not everyone believes a coach change is the answer.  “Why not have another year, why not three more years,” said Reha Paguio a diehard Charger fan.  She feels Norv is just being unfairly judged.

Some of Norv’s supporters even feel the dismal seasons aren’t his fault; the real focus is team management.  “It’s the recent player hires, we need better talent,” said Michael Ratican.  Norv is only the head coach not a miracle worker; he needs more help to do a better job.

Keep him or show him the door, a decision that’s coming and eventually everyone will soon know will soon know if he’s staying or will he go.