A husband and wife, who were hospitalized from multiple bee stings this week said the bees were three times larger than the average bee.

Jim and Toni Elliot have started to recover after being stung dozens of times by a swarm of aggressive bees at their Lemon Grove home Tuesday afternoon.

"He was screaming. I've never heard him scream before," said Toni Elliot, describing her husband as he was gardening in the front yard.

According to the couple, they don't know where the bees came from, but Jim was stung more than 35 times. Toni was in the garage when she heard her husband screaming for help. She came running with a towel and covered him while both ran in the house. While trying to save her husband, Toni was stung seven times also.

"The fire department arrived, covered our heads, and rushed us out of the residence," said Toni.

Both were treated at an area hospital for their injuries.

The Elliot's said that bees weren't new to their area. The couple said they bought harvester bees as a way to pollinate flowers in their front yard about seven years ago.

Toni believed another set of bees killed her harvester's and then attacked her husband.

"These other bees were larger, much larger, and at least three times bigger," said Toni.

It was unclear what type of bees attacked Jim and Toni. However, both said they will leave yard work to professionals for a little while.