It's been a busy weekend for San Diego's lifeguards. Lifeguards say there were "hundreds" of rescues along the coastline today because of high surf and rip currents.

At La Jolla Shores this afternoon, lifeguards and paramedics rushed to a young girl that had trouble breathing. Lifeguards said the girl was with a large group of other swimmers, when she apparently swallowed a bunch of water after she had been caught up in a rip current. After she got on shore, she told her mother that she had trouble breathing. Paramedics were then called to the scene near tower 33.

Luckily, lifeguards said the girl is going to be fine, but it's just been that type of Saturday for lifeguards. They said there's been more rescues than usual.

" We have a lot of people here. The surf and the rip currents haven't been pulling super hard until now. We've been making rescues throughout the day," said lifeguard, Sgt. David Rains.

Since Friday, lifeguards said they've made "hundreds" of rescues. The waves are a concern said lifeguards, but rip currents are a bigger concern.

"We've had at least a hundred rescues over at La Jolla Cove yesterday, so probably got about 50 at La Jolla Shores today, that'd be my guess," said Rains.

Lifeguards said people need to know their level of swimming. They said to be safe, only go out into the ocean at waist level if you're unsure of your swimming ability.

And while lifeguards were busy, surfers took advantage of the abnormally big surf. Surfers at Tourmaline beach in La Jolla said the waves were great, and so was the water the low 70's.

"Normally, it'd be waist to shoulder high," said La Jolla surfer Andy Birtz.

"Yeah, back in '98, they were this big. It's just a little cycle," said surfer Ed Racilis.

Nonetheless, lifeguards said even if the surf may go down, there will still be lots of people at city beaches, and you just need to be aware of your surroundings.

"Know you're limits, and if you're in a good spot, and take the liberty to ask us, we'll go ahead and put you out on a safe spot, if you don't know how to figure it out yourself," said Rains.