SAN DIEGO – A nationally recognized gift-wrapper from the San Diego offers up some tips to add some pizazz to Christmas presents. 

"I love gift wrapping," Diana Lemos said.  "I could do this all day!"

Lemos came in second place at the 2011 Scotch Brand "Most Gifted Wrapper" competition in Rockefeller Center held during the first week of December. 

Lemos considers herself a gift-wrapping artist with tape and scissors as her tools.

Her advice for odd shaped gifts is to form it into some kind of shape that camouflages what it really is.  For example, she transformed a soft teddy bear into a bottle shape. 

"You know the craft shop Michaels? That place is heaven on earth," she said.  "They have lots of ribbons, a whole section dedicated to nothing but ribbons.  I could stay there all day." 

Lemos' tip for using ribbons is to tie a strand or two around the box, then to create the bow separately.  Make the bow and tie it to the strands already around the box. 

Her last piece of advice? 

"If you can't wrap it, just tie a big bow around it and make it look like a gift," Lemos said.