The perfect woman; she is skinny and trim. She is natural, but gorgeous.

"Jeans and a t-shirt with her hair pulled back. That's what I like" Trent Moody said.

Her hair is long and her sex drive is big.

"You have to have that attraction" Marques Mackey said.

She must be a dream, right? Sorry. Not exactly. A UK study of 3,000 bachelors found most of them firmly believe their perfect girlfriend is out there somewhere. And boy, did they set the bar high.

Three-quarters of the single men polled say their ideal women stay on top of her weight, but 89% of them want her to dig into a big meal. 60% are looking for a female fellow sports fan to take in a game at a bar, but 66% of the guys want their woman to be wine sippers instead of beer drinkers.

"We're supposed to eat like pigs and be thin like models. What a contradiction" Nina Atwood said.

That concerns Atwood, who is a Dallas relationship coach and author. She says while this survey may reinforce women's negative beliefs about men, actually we shouldn't sweat it.

"What people put on a list and say they want in a relationship is coming from the thinking side of the brain, but people fall in love from the emotional side of the brain" Atwood said.

Speaking of sweating it, we went to Energy Fitness in Dallas. Thankfully, every man we met saw perfection as something beyond the superficial. Here's a short list.

"The man should basically look inside a woman's heart" Marques Mackey.

"They have to be casual, fun, energetic and spontaneous" Gregg Hoeft said.

"It's what you represent. It's what you're all about" Sagi Kalev said.

Because as the guys pointed out, attractive ain't forever.

"Where if you have somebody who can communicate and somebody who can compromise and somebody who's secure, those things don't diminish" Josh Murillo said.

"Your soul mate has to be someone who's a best friend with you" Glenn Pakulak said.

Aahh...and thank you, local boys.