For fashionistas on a budget, vintage and thrift stores have always been a way to reinvent clothes and yourself.

"This was bought in New York and so in my mind the story I'm creating is a gal who was in love with the whole scene from the late 70's the whole disco scene studio 54," says Pam Scrimma, owner of vintage boutique Parkerhawn.

But sifting through thousands of garments to find one cool thing can feel overwhelming. Parkerhawn is a vintage boutique hand collected by owner Pam Scrimma, who's sharing her secrets to vintage shopping:

Get inspiration before you shop The first one is to get inspiration before you ever set foot in a store, like flipping through your favorite fashion magazines. Pam says, "For example, copper is a new metallic that's going to be coming in this spring, so I wrote down copper is on my list."

Dress for the occasion Then, she says, dress for the occasion, "Wear leggings or a loose full skirt that you can try things on underneath, a fitted tank top," and she says don't be a label snob, feel your way to quality garments, " Look for classic fabrics, look for silk, look for wool, look for cashmere."

Don't mind the size And size doesn't matter! Pam says, "This is a Oleg Cassini piece here from the 80's thats a size 6 and our model here wears a size 2. You can see it fits her perfectly great within the shoulders and arm, but most women when they go shopping and they pull through and they saw that size they think it's going to be huge on me, and never think to pick it up. So this is an example when you see something you like, please take the time to try it on." So if it's a bit big, Pam says you can always take it in, "That's how women back in the day shopped, they'd find something they liked that was straight off the rack, and they'd go to their personal tailor."

Don't always follow the latest trends Remember that fashion is inspired by the past. Plaid for example was really big in the 70's, but and it's making a huge comeback now. So you can buy something thats perfectly on trend, but you don't have to look like every other person that pulled something off the rack at The Gap.

If you snagged a great deal, there's one more thing to consider before you head to the register. Pam says, " Inspect it straight through check the seams to make sure they're not loose, check for small moth holes." Pam's clearing out her winter stock this weekend, so you can do some final hunting before sundresses appear on racks.