38,052 fans showed up to watch #10 North Carolina take on #2 Texas. The match-up was a tough test for the Longhorns and the stage was massive.

"It's my senior year. It's so neat to be a part of something this huge like this. The first basketball game in Cowboys Stadium is huge," said Amy Alexander, a Senior Cheerleader at UT.

Huge, also because it's a test run for the NBA All-Star game. The Valentines day event will be in North Texas for the first time since 1986. Basketball fans at Saturday's game seemed to like the layout.

"I like the fact that it's so open and it doesn't feel closed in or claustrophobic," said Michele McDermett, a UT Fan.

"I've been here for Cowboys games, for the Big 12 Championship and I think this place works for all of it," said Bonner McDermett, Michele's son.

A lot of fans even liked the giant monitor.

"We were down there in a lower section and we saw that we were just watching the screen the whole time because it's so huge and awesome, so we moved up here and got a better view of the screen," said Ryan Black, a UT Fan who moved to a higher section.

There was at least one disappointed visitor though, UNC Head Coach, Roy Williams.

"I enjoy watching the Cowboys. It was an unbelievable building, but it's not one of my favorite places. I just got my tail kicked," Williams said.

He blames it on the saying "everything's bigger in Texas." He's not talking about the stadium, so much as UT star Center, Dexter Pittman, who's 6'10."

"When I was on the court, I just zoned out, couldn't see anything. I just saw the court and the baskets," Pittman said.

His teammates say they were nervous about the setting, but they got rid of their butterflies in advance.

"When I first came out yesterday I couldn't believe it. I'm from the country. You could fit my town inside this place," said Damion James, UT Guard.

A town, or more like a city of 100,000 when the NBA stars hit the court in February.

The current attendance record for an All-Star game stands at 44,735. To put that in further perspective, when the Mavericks play at American Airlines Center, a sell out crowd is a little more than 20,000 people.