Laurie Wilson is the mother of Austin York, one of the victims killed in McKinney back in 2004.

She broke down on the stand as soon as she saw her son's picture. "That's my baby," she said in tears.

"You always have this emotion on any murder case, but the jury has to focus on who did it," says Defense Attorney Richard Franklin. He says his 27-year old client, Raul Cortez, is not their guy.

Cortez is charged with Capital Murder in the shooting deaths of Austin York, Matthew Self, Rosa Barbosa and Mark Barbosa.

 Prosecutor Greg Davis says Cortez and Eddie Williams went to Barbosa's home to get keys and a burglar alarm code to rob a check cashing business where she was a manager.

Franklin says DNA evidence is inconclusive and today criticized the prosecution saying, "They came up here with DNA evidence in a Target bag. If we wanted to retest any of that evidence again, we couldn't do it because it's now been completely and totally corrupted."

A mannequin wearing York's clothes the day he was killed was shown to jurors, as a medical examiner explained autopsies performed on the victims. At this time, family members were asked to leave the courtroom.

The photos were graphic. At least one juror appeared visibly shaken. In Rosa Barbosa's case, duct tape was taped around her face at least three times. A plastic zip tie was tied around her neck, and there was evidence of strangulation and suffocation. The four victims were shot in the back of the head.