She's a pop star and wife to a famous hockey player. But when her three dogs greet her at the front door, she feels like she's the most at home. Willa Ford says, " You could be the greatest athlete in the world, or the biggest selling artist that ever was and it's so funny because other people may treat you a certain way because of that and these guys they don't care."

It's that vulnerable side that Pulitzer Prize winning local Dallas Morning News photographer David Woo wanted to reveal in his new book, 'Top Dogs and their Pets'. David says, "A lot of these people I had met on assignment, Owen Wilson, President Bush, Kinky Friedman, Mike Modano and I decided, this could be a really could book." He snapped nearly 100 famous politicians, musicians and actors in a way you haven't seen them before, with their beloved dogs, cats, fish and even pigs they call pets. David says, " Jimmy Johnson, former Cowboys coach. He lives in Key West and people were shocked when they looked at the book and he's got a tiny dog, Buttercup!"

For the shoot with Willa, husband Mike Modano and their three retrievers Scout, Bella and Bear, David wanted a snapshot of te family's active life. All you have to do is spend a few minutes with these pups to know who runs the house. Bear sat in my lap during the interview and then ran outside to jump in the pool. Willa says for the shoot, "I thought let's get them to do something interesting, so I started jumping up and down." None of the dogs in the book are professionally trained, so David's secret to making sure they behaved during the shoots was using treats. Willa says, "You can barely see them in my hands... so I was jumping with treats and they were jumping with me."

A percent of the profits from the book will go toward Cesar Milan's charity to train pets and their owners.