The 2010 Dallas All-Con was all about fantasy and science fiction, and it wasn't just for men.

"I'm a big nerd and I love gaming," said Pez, a Sci-Fi Fan from Austin.

"There's pretty much as many girls as there are guys and the girls dress up more than the guys do usually,"

The three day event brought together fans of renaissance, anime, costuming, mystery, theatre, crafts and collecting. It gives people who might be considered outside the norm a chance to fit in.

'You come here and can actually truly be yourself, enjoy every moment about it. Be as geeky as you can for this one time," said Rii-Chan, a Sci-Fi Fan.

"I actually am a nerd, so this is my home," said Cordelia Chaseher, another female fan.

Chaseher says the more heroines come to life on screen and on paper, the more girls you'll start to see at conventions.

"It's hard for women not to find a strong feminine image and relate to it. Every woman wants to kick a little butt sometimes," she said.

You may remember Anne Lockhart as Lt. Sheba in the original Battlestar Galactica. Today Lockhart hopes her sci-fi character still inspires women.

"It gives us a way to imagine how the world might be with no gender barriers," she said.

That means everything to some at this Dallas All-Con.