Do you want to get glowing for spring and summer, but you don't know how to apply make up like bronzer?

Lucky for you, the RC Project had on Beauty Expert Rosalyn Bellamy! She showed us that even the stars can make make up mistakes like wearing too much bronzer in all the wrong places, and put on too much under eye brigthener. Some of her suggestions are putting bronzer only on cheek temples and the top of forehead, instead of all over. If you put on too much shimmer it can make you look sweaty!

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Some of her favorite products are bronzer from Lancome and Clinique's pump bronzer. She recommends adding a little bronzer into your foundation to get a subtle glow.

Rosalyn also says women have a problem figuring out when to use concelear and under eye brightener. Too much can give you 'racoon eye' so only go for a shade lighter than your foundation. And again, don't apply too much to get a bright but subtle look.

Rosalyn has a lot of do's and dont's on her Web site, so check out her site for all the products and make up tips.