The Komen Greater Fort Worth office at Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth is seeing a lot less traffic this year compared to last, though the 20th anniversary race is just 30 days away. Registrations for next month's Komen Race for the Cure in Fort Worth are down 40.5-percent. So far, only 2,200 people have registered compared to 3,700 last year.

The dip in participants is because of, according to organizers, Komen's controversial decision in early February to pull, and then restore funding to Planned Parenthood. The race is scheduled for April 14 at Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth. Last year's event raised $1.3 million in donations for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which helped fund thousands of local mammograms. However, at this rate, local organizers say 2,400 fewer free mammograms would be provided to local uninsured or under insured patients.

Jennifer Wersal, organizer of the race, says their hope is that the controversy can subside and more supporters come forward.

"The controversy of recent weeks has had an impact. Right now, 30 days out from the race, we are down about 1,500 participants, which is significant. And, if it carries over into the race day and over the next 30 days, it could mean funding as many as 2,400 mammograms fewer than we did this year. Think about the last 19 years and what Komen Greater Forth Worth has accomplished and come back and register and participate."

Wersal hopes more people will join the efforts in coming weeks. But some on either side of the issue say they will not participate.

If you are interested in registering for the race, you can visit the Komen Greater Fort Worth’s website at: