Cards and well wishes fill the building at Millsap Middle School in Parker County -- all for one of their own.

The school is now missing one member. For nearly a week, they've been without 8th grader and star football player Rayne Newby.

"He's a funny guy. He comes off shy at first but once you get to know him, he's a wild person", said Jordan Richardson who is a friend of Rayne’s.

Rayne and his family were visiting relatives in Pottsboro near Denison last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

Rayne was trying to light a fire outdoors when a can of diesel exploded setting him on fire. He was airlifted to Parkland Hospital with burns over 90% of his body.

"It was sad. Thanksgiving wasn't too fun because he was on my mind all day long", Richardson said.

"It's been hard knowing that my best friend is in the hospital but I keep praying to god. I hope for the best and think positive", said Nick Lucia who is also a friend.

On Monday, Rayne spent most of the day in surgery getting skin grafts. He also started showing signs of improvement.

"He's very young, they said he's young and he's in good shape ad he is a fighter and those are all in his favor", said Rayne’s Principal Shanna Coker.

Meanwhile the school is behind a push to help Rayne and his family. They've put together several fundraisers and have started a facebook page called Praying for Rayne Newby to keep everyone updated on his status and for friends to leave messages.

"Rayne's not able to actually read them himself but his mother or his dad or his grandmother are there reading those to him so he is getting those messages", Coker said.

And their message to Rayne now is to get better and come back home as soon as possible.

"I wish that he'll stay strong and that he'll fight through this and that he'll have a speedy recovery", Lucia said.

 How you can help:

  1. Spaghetti Dinner:  Millsap Middle School Gym; Dec. 25th from 4:30 – 8 pm.; $5.00 per plate.
  2. Blood Drive: Carter Blood Care – Dec. 3rd 9 am – 3pm.
  3. Monetary Donations: account set up at First National Bank in Weatherford; make checks out to Rayne Newby Benefit Fund.
  4. Gift Cards: Snow Garret & Co. will accept gift cards on behalf of the family; 1207 Santa Fe Dr.
  5. Ronald McDonald House: Cards and letters can be delivered to the family at the Ronald McDonald House /4707 Bengal St./Dallas, TX 75235.
  6. Praying for Rayne Newby on facebook.
  7. T-shirt sales and concert in the works.