The FDA is giving sunscreen manufacturers longer to change labels on their products.  But you can still learn some simple ways to choose a sunscreen that is safe and effective for your skin and your family's.


The goal is to make sunscreen labels simpler and easier to understand.  The FDA is asking sunscreen companies to remove labels that can be misleading.  Here are some of the changes:

Change label from 'waterproof' and instead use 'water resistant' as no skinscare product can be waterproof entirely.

Have specific instructions on how often you should reapply a product.  Depending on the SPF it will be anywhere from every half hour to hour and a half

Use the word 'broad spectrum'.  Instead of protecting from UVA or UVB, all products should protect against both, and the labeling should simply state broad spectrum to include both

'Sunscreen' rather than 'sunblock'. Nothing can truly block the sun, so labels should just simply state that the product will 'screen' from the sun.

In addition to sunscreen, wear protective clothing that will block the sun and avoid being outside during the hottest hours of the day.  Stay in the shade, or simply go swimming after 6.