While some North Texans desperately tried to get to California for Jackson's memorial service, others hoped to cash in on their winnings. They had to act fast. The deadline to pick up tickets was 6 p.m. in Los Angeles.

Thousands of fans showed up to Dodger Stadium to claim what seems to be the hottest ticket on the planet, Michael Jackson's memorial.

"There's people that would give up anything for this chance and for me to be one of the lucky persons to get it is just amazing," said Jonathan Cunningham, who found out he won late Sunday night.

More than 1.6 million people applied for the free lottery. Only 8,750 were chosen. Jonathan Cunningham beat the odds, but with last minute flights from Dallas to L.A. at more than 600 bucks, he couldn't afford to claim his two tickets.

"It happened so fast, you know we were like what do we do? The time hadn't really set in for us to come up with a plan so it was like first thing comes to mind is Ebay, Ebay," Cunningham said.

A lot of people had that same idea. Some of the bids got out of hand. One offered a "buy it now" option for $10,000. The most ridiculous we found had bids up to $50 million.

Ebay started pulling the listings off the site right away.

"The ones that actually sold and got paid for, those deals went through," said David Goldstein, Vice President of easysale, an Ebay service.

Organizers intended the vouchers to be non-transferable, but some people found a way around it.

"As it stands right now, there's no identification on the voucher so whoever holds the voucher will get the wrist bands," Goldstein SAID.

Goldstein has a client who also won a voucher. For now it's locked up in a safe.

Jonathan Cunningham said he's received hate mail for trying to sell his, but he planned to put the money toward a good cause, his wife.

"I've been laid off in January and my wife needs another car and I thought maybe this would be a good chance to trade for a car, you know enough money to get her a nice car with air conditioning," he said.

For less than a 24 hour period, a voucher could have been considered gold. Now it's just a piece of paper.