Many business owners along lower Greenville say the area is no longer the party destination it has a reputation for being. Last night, Dallas City Council voted unanimously to approve a new strict extended hours permit process for Lowest Greenville businesses. This has some saying the Super Bowl may be their last chance to make some big cash before the changes really set it.

Sammy Mandell says a good slice of the money his pizza shop makes rolls in after midnight.

"We do get a lot of pizza business after midnight, especially on weekends until three and four in the morning,"' said Greenville Avenue Pizza Company Sammy Mandell.

In eight months, all businesses along Lowest Greenville, from Belmont Avenue down will need a special permit to stay open after 12 a.m. A new rule some say will force some businesses to leave.

"I know of two or three businesses that can't afford to apply for the permit and will just close their doors," said Community Activist Avi Adelman.

Mandell says he knows the vibe on Lowest Greenville is about to change. That's why he's going to try hard to cash in while he can.

PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates some $202 million entertainment dollars will be spent in North Texas during the Super Bowl. Mandell is hoping to get a piece of the pie by offering 10 percent off all pre-placed orders. He says he sees it as one last hurrah.

"I'm looking at it like that, that's why I'm definitely doing the special. I hope people come out," he said.

But some of Mandell's neighbors aren't so optimistic. The Winedale Tavern's manager says he can't think of one Super Bowl event or party happening in the neighborhood.

" I would love to have business down here, but they're not going to ship the people down here, they're not going to bus the people down here," said Winedale Tavern Manager Charles Barnhart.

Something Mandell says may be a reality that he's just trying to work with for now.

"Now we find ourselves trying to concentrate more towards delivery since the nightlife is going away," he said.

The new midnight permit rules do go into effect immediately, but the grace period for current business will last for eight months.