Love is Respect: It's the name of a new national dating violence campaign targeted at young people. The group is using technology in a new way to communicate with those, who could be in dangerous relationships, to get them the help they need. If you're in a toxic dating relationship and need help or advice, all you need to now is send a text.

We all know texting is a way of life for younger Americans. The Love Is Respect campaign is using text message technology in new way that takes the hot line concept to a whole new level.

"I`ve never heard of something like this. This is really cool," said UT Dallas student Pam Dargalayi.

It's the latest service from the National Dating Abuse Helpline. Send the phrase: loveis to 770-54 and boom an instant response.

Jana Barker with the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center says dating violence has become a serious epidemic among young people, and a service like this will help reach them.

"If they get into these situations, and we know they`re getting into them, it`s a discreet way to ask for help and they`re getting the right information," said Barker.

We tried it out and began a text conversation with a rep named Sam. Sam asked us if we needed help and found local resources on dating violence right here in Dallas. Sam told us to delete the texts at the end of the conversation.

"If you`re out on a date and things are getting a little creepy, or you`re concerned about the way things are going, you could always text this line and get immediate help," said Barker.

Students at UT Dallas told is it's the complete discretion that appeals to them.

"You can be anywhere, you can be in the library, you can be eating, it`s very accessible to women now. Instead of just picking up the phone, you never know who is around you, when you`re calling someone and this is very like personal," said UT Dallas Amanda Ortega.

"I`ve never been in a situation where I would`ve had to use it, but it would be nice knowing that it`s available," said UT Dallas student Jeantte Bergman.

"I think it`s really awesome that they`re coming out with new ways to do everything," said Dargalayi.