The lunch hour at Champps Sports Bar and Grill in Las Colinas was the bewiching hour for Cowboy fans--owner Jerry Jones made it official--Jason Garrett is the Cowboys new head coach and for fans--the verdict was swift.

"I like it a lot," Said season ticket holder Caleb Potter.

Fan Trent Schoenrock is reading from the same playbook.

"I think Jason Garrett is going to have what what it takes to turn them around."

Some fans wondered if Jones could have looked at big names like Gruden or Harbaugh.

At sports talk radio Jason Garrett was topic 1A. Galloway & Company co-host Matt Mosley believes Jones made the right move but selling that to fans is another story.

"I don't think anybody is really excited as they would be about a big name like a Gruden or Cowher, somebody like that," Mosley said. "I think everybody is just sort of like--okay with it."

Back at Champps fans can only hope Garrett's brief coaching record improves.

"5 and 3 is not that great," Potter said. "But when you go 1 and 7 and with somebody as humdrum as Wade Phillips--we'll take whatever we can get."