Sixteen year old Jay Fankhauser plays a few cords and then begins to sing.

"I've been waiting on this day for a long time, that you and I could finally realize."

He's a pop star in the making and recording his first record at Maximedia Studio's in north Dallas.

Justin Timberlake, P. Diddy and Mariah Carey are all on the client list there, but for Jay, there is no bigger star than the King of Pop.

"Michael Jackson influenced me by showing showmanship more than anything." Jays says. "I think that he deserves all the credit for, he just put on a show better than any performer."

Hal Fitzgerald has worked with entertainers like Jessica Simpson and Erikah Badu. He was picked to engineer the Jackson Five's 1997 reunion record, but the record was never made. He says Michael Jackson's fingerprints are all over the record industry.

"Every artist that walks through the door, no matter what the genre, has been influenced by Michael Jackson in one form or another."

"With him doing pop and R & B, anybody could take a little something from Mike and be over the top." Says up and coming rap artist Lil Twist.

Here's a taste of the Twist. "I'm the best team to ever do it, I'm gonna be the best team to ever do it. Now he's playing his game like Ginobli, no tell flunking, I'm still dunking."

Lil Twist's flair, complete with a black hat, is Michael inspired.

"And there's a lot of people who mimics Mike in what they do, so I take a little bit of my style from mike, he's a great person to look at."

And when it comes to record sales, to look up to. Both Jay and Lil Twist will have to sell 350 million records, each, to match Jackson's 750 million in worldwide sales. The king is dead, but his throne is still occupied.

"He's just unreal." Says Jay.