Hundreds of homes in North Texas sustained damage in Tuesday's tornadoes -- some more than others. 

On Wednesday, insurance agents were on the road trying to find their customers who were hit. 

"We're going to target first the claim that we know see if they're  okay and make sure they don't need anything up front", said Katie Nestle with Allstate Insurance.

Allstate agents canvassed a neighborhood in Kennedale where about 50 homes were damaged. The agents walk the streets going door-to-door.

"In heavily hit neighborhoods like this, we want to make sure that if they don't have access to us that we provide access to them", said Jacob Moore with Allstate.

Mindy Wiley's home is on their list.

 "We've lost a lot of shingles they're out in the front yard, you see them out there. And then about 75 to 80 percent of our fence is gone", Wiley said.

 The agents make an appointment for an adjuster to come out to figure out how much it will cost to make the repairs.

 The Texas Department of Insurance is urging all victims to contact their insurance companies immediately. Homeowners should also make temporary repairs to prevent further damage.

 "If you have damage to your car windows, go ahead and tarp your cars. If you have damage to your roof and your home go ahead and tarp it and save all your receipts", said Kristen Beaman with Allstate.

 Also document the damage.

 "Take pictures, video of all that damage to make sure you know what it looks like you can help the claims adjuster determine what it looks like", Beaman said.

 And be careful hiring contractors. Roofers are bombarding homeowners with solicitations for business. Wiley is concerned.

 "Yeah because we don't know who to trust and we want to make sure that it gets taken care of correctly and it's not something we have to worry about later", Wiley said.

"Ask your neighbors, ask your friends for a good recommendations for contractors, check the Better Business Bureau", Beaman said.

 Allstate says they cannot recommend a contractor but they will send an agent out while the contractor inspects the home.

The Texas Department of Insurance has a list of helpful tips for tornado victims with property damage. You can find it here.