The suspect accused of planting a camera in the family shower area of a bathroom at Plano's Oak Point Recreation center has been apprehended.

    Police say 43-year-old Christopher Scott Furber hid a recording device disguised to look like a bathroom air freshener last week. According to police, a staff member notified the department and investigators say they found video of Furber and one family unchanging on the video. The family was notified.

    After police released the video and offered At $5000 reward, they received several calls that led them to Furber, whom they called over the weekend. After obtaining an arrest warrant officers say Furber turned himself in to Collin County authorities at 10:30 Monday morning.

    Public Information Officer David Tilley expounds, "This morning at about 10:30 he turned himself in to the Collin County detention center. We identified him based on tips we received from the media. A search warrant has been conducted on his home. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially when you walk into an area like that in a changing room. The device that was disguised as an air freshener was mounted very low, as to compared where air fresheners normally are."

     Collin County authorities say Furber is a Hewlett Packard employee. In his Garland neighborhood, many of Furber's neighbors say they're near speechless. Neighbor Kris Semmler looks at his neighbor's picture and says, "I'm actually really surprised. I've seen his daughter more and I've actually helped the daughter. I'm sure the family's gonna be stunned. I've seen cars going in and out. I know he has security at his house."

     Kris, like many, are surprised someone so close by is accused of violating others' privacy in such a way. Semmler adds, "Especially in this neighborhood, because it's Super quiet. Nothing ever goes on here. Everybody pretty much knows everybody that you see. We're shocked, yes, yes, to know that it's that close. For it to be basically my next door neighbor behind me, that's what's really Surprising to me, and I have kids."

   At the Oak Point Recreation Center in Plano, many members are still uneasy. Gymnastics instructor Laren Maureo, says parents and children were worried. She says, "Knowing that the guy was right there in our gym was really scarey for our girls."

   Parents like Karen Faucette, a mother of 9-year-old twin boys was upset when she heard the news. She is still angered and adds, "Kinda makes you feel like throwing up. Because of that very kinda thing happening, it scares you to death. Instead of feeling relief, I feel nauseous for the rest of the day, for the rest of the week."

   Police advise with small cameras being so readily available, video voyerism is on the rise. Investigators advise the public to keep your eyes open for preditors. Tilley advises, "If something looks out of place, looks suspicious, ask about it. Just inform some of the staff. And say something just doesn't seem right."

   Right now Furber faces six months to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine for improper photography or video recoding.