Online games let players rescue captain Phillips from Somali pirates, throw shoes at George W.Bush, and stop the spread of the swine flu.

These games are all part of an online trend of games based on current events.

When navy seal snipers rescued an American cargo ship captain in April, the event was not only followed by governments and news media, game developers were also paying attention.

Within 9 days, Games2Win launched "Saving Captain Phillips." The goal of the shooting game is to eliminate the Somali pirates, and rescue the Captain.

Also gaining popularity in game-land is the use of drugs for sports. "Baseball Juiced" allows gamers to pick between using steroids or the gym to reach the top. Since the game launched last month, it was played 1.4 million times.

Swinefighter lets players stop the spread of the flu by injecting an anti-virus in pigs moving across the screen.

The down economy also triggered a lot of current event games. From "Trillion Dollar Bailout", which allows gamers to punish big businesses, and hand out money to troubled homeowners, to "Made Off," in which players outscam businessman Bernard Madoff.

While most of these current event games seem pretty innocent, some have received criticism.

"Six Days in Fallujah," for example, was pulled even before it was launched. Critics accused the publisher of trivializing one of the bloodiest battles in the Iraq war.