It may only be a preseason game, so it did not count for the wins and losses.  But if you talked to Dallas Cowboys fans Saturday, the first home game of 2012 was still a very big game.

The sights and sounds of football came to the Metroplex in the form of the parking lot tailgate Saturday.  Thousands of Cowboys fans descended on Arlington for food, fun and football.

"How can we not get excited?" said Cowboys fan Shawntea Hall.

"Awesome.  Awesome.  Perfect time of year. Exciting," said another Cowboys fan.

"I couldn't wait for football season.  I'm ready for it," said tailgater Kelin Thomas.

While fans waited for kickoff, they kept busy playing a Texas sized version of Jenga with pieces of wood that looked like 2-by-4s cut into thirds, and of course the fan favorite game "cornhole."

In between the entertainment was of course lots of food, from hot dogs and hamburgers to fajitas cooked out of a wok shaped like a massive Cowboys helmet.

"Just basically my pops engineered it, had it made, cut it out.  You see the goods right here," said the Cowboys fan as he pointed to the sizzling fajitas.

Everyone was excited for the game even if it was only the preseason.

"Anytime the Cowboys are on the field, I want to be here," said Tony Aguilar.

Perhaps the best part of preseason was the optimism for what the regular season would hold for the Cowboys.

"We got 10 [wins].  We got 10, we're going to the playoffs and we're going to kick some butt," said Hall.

"Playoffs.  I'll just say playoffs.  2nd round," said Thomas.

"We're going to make the playoffs for sure.  I'm going to say, one, two games in the playoffs."

"I think they'll make the playoffs, go pretty deep," said Aguilar.