It's what's in in Hollywood. Celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Catherine Zeta-Jones are sporting plump faces and full cheeks that don't come naturally unless you're in your twenty-something.

Like many women, Midge Trammell noticed in her 30's that her face was hollowing. The before and after picture is subtle yet dramatic. At 42, she looks years younger than when she was 38. Midge points to where the transferred fat went.

"It was around the eyes, here and my cheeks had lost volume and he filled in the chin line."

Midge says she didn't want the too-tight facelift look but rather wanted to look natural. Her friends all tell her the same thing.

"That I look younger." Midge says. "I have an identical twin so she hasn't had anything done yet and you can tell the difference between what i would look like and she would look like."

Dr. Samuel Lam performed her fat transfer and has written two books on fat transfer. He says patients fly in from all over the world for the procedure. Cutting and pulling is so 90's.

"I think the best way to understand the new paradigm is that when we are young we are a grape, as we get older we become a raisin." Dr. Lam says. "So why should you take that raisin, cut and pull it into a pea, because the pea looks nothing like a grape. you must re-inflate it."

Dr. Lam says that in the wrong hands, faces can become over-inflated.

"People look like pillows, the idea was a pillow face, this is exactly the opposite of what I believe in. I don't believe in big cheeks and big chins."

Midge says she got exactly what she wanted, a plumper face. Midge showed us a picture of her when she was in her 20's. She now has the same rosy cheeks at 42.

That's why Hollywood is wild about plump faces.

"What's great about fat grafting is that it doesn't make you look like a different person." Says Doctor Lam. "You probably see a lot of this and what is great about it is that we go back and use the old photographs of the person so they look closer to what they used to look rather than an arbitrary definition of youth."

There are several choices of facial fillers and some say fat does not last long enough. Dr. Lam says if done correctly, fat transfer will last a very long time. Dr. Lam charges about nine thousand dollars for the procedure.