The social media set here in D-FW are reacting to Facebook's latest news. Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a big list of key changes to the site and many say it's going to revolutionize the way we use it.

We attended a mixer for the Social Media Club of Dallas tonight. The room was abuzz with chit chat about Facebook -- the consensus was with these changes the site will become and even bigger player on the internet.

"I think what we're seeing is a major revelation within Facebook, and it's almost like an entirely new website that's going to take a lot of time to adapt too," said Social Media Club Dallas member Alyssa Gadina.

"Every time Facebook changes something we all panic at first and then we get used to it and then we learn how to use it and then it's great," said Social Media Club Dallas member Lauren Parajon.

Andrew Turner with Dallas' Square 1 Agency says the biggest change has to do with a new feature called Timeline.

"A good way to think about Timeline is almost like a digital scrapbook, or digital yearbook, of your life," said Square 1 Agency Web Specialist Andrew Turner.

Turner says Timeline will allow users to share info in chronological order on their profile pages. He says Facebook felt older information was getting lost as new information continued to come in.

"It brings a more historical approach to all of your updates and everything that you do on Facebook, photos, social interactions, things like that," said Turner.

Besides Timeline, Turner says the biggest changes have to do with a feature called Open Graph. It revamps how a company's apps interact with your profile. Any info you share with an app will be cataloged on your profile.

"They've kind of targeted and catered towards both the consumer and the company," said Turner.

Turner says overall Facebook is using your information in a whole new way.

"Facebook is getting smarter, so it's able to really tell you like to do this, these are things you've done in the past and this is what you like," he said.

While it all might take some getting used too, those in the social media scene say most users will likely stay.

"We're at the mercy of whatever Facebook does. What are we all gonna go do? Are we gonna migrate to Google Plus? Are we all gonna go to Twitter?" said Social Media Club Dallas President Mike Merrill.

We all know privacy remains a big concerns for most Facebook users. Turner says does include tighter privacy controls, so users can pick and choose what kind of information they want to share with others on the site.

Turner says the changes will likely start to pop up on profiles in the next few weeks.