Success can be achieved in many ways. There is brainpower, birthright or beauty. But now, what's being called "erotic capital" is considered the new way to cash in.

EC is a state of mind that Stephanie Brinlee, who was once insecure, now "owns." She says, "It's how you feel about yourself. People can read that."

Erotic Capital is the difficult to define, but crucial combo of physical and social attractiveness. Think along the lines of Madonna, JayZ and Tina Fey. According to research from the London School of Economics, people with an above-average amount of Erotic Capital are more persuasive, more often seen as honest and competent. The study says they have an easier time making friends, getting married and tend to earn 15% more money on average.

Contributing to EC are beauty, social and sexual attractiveness, sexuality itself, liveliness and presentation. And for those of us not born with it, there is good news. Apparently, Erotic Capital can be learned. It's being taught daily at The Girls Room in Dallas and Frisco. Owner Karyn Pentecost says, "We really like to focus on your sensuality because I think that's what most women lack, so we choose pole dancing as a way to do that."

The Girls Room is an inspirational fitness studio for women. It empowers them to embrace their femininity and love who they are, whatever age, shape and size. Participant Paige Peschon says, "I'm not a size 0. I'm a little bit bigger girl. Taking this class does make you feel a little bit better. You feel a little bit more confident. You're like, "Yeah I got all this, but I GOT ALL THIS!' "

Karyn Pentecost calls Erotic Capital critical, paying them off with more confidence and independence. Wife and mother Tricia Lauerman says with the help of others, trying, and sometimes failing to master pole moves has given self-confidence in her femininity, more fun and spunk in her relationship and a new lightheartedness that shows. Tricia Lauerman says, "You feel like you're kind of making a fool of yourself, you get over that. You do it over and over it and that stops being an issue and you can take that into other situations."

Stephanie Brinlee agrees, saying once a woman get Erotic Capital, she can bank it forever. "When she goes in to get her coffee and she greets the girl behind the counter with a smile, she's going to get something back." A pretty sizeable return on her investment.