Running is popular and one of the least expensive ways to get in shape--just lace up a pair of shoes and run.

Adrian Hasenbauer got hooked years ago and now enters marathon and triathlon events.

Last October she took part the Longhorn Half Ironman in Austin, TX.

She struggled to finish because of pain in her you know what.

"Center of my right glute," Adrian said while she pointed to the spot. "Right here where my hamstring connects to my glute."

Adrian suffered for almost two years before finally being diagnosed with dead butt syndrome.

The run-up was a rocky road.

"Frustrating that it was painful to do it," Adrian said. "Frustrating that eventually I had to completely stop and frustrating that I couldn't figure out how to fix it."

That is until she was referred to Stefani Wylie--clinical director at TexStar physical therapy in Dallas.

Dead Butt Syndrome is basically tendon inflammation in one of the butt's three big muscles.

"A lot of times, not always, but a lot of times it can go right in the butt," Wylie said. "Sometimes it can go into that hamstring a little bit."

Once a week Wylie guides Adrian through a series of exercises that stretch and strengthen her glutes.

Wylie says dead butt syndrome is common in runners who don't cross train to strengthen surrounding muscles.

"I always tell my runners that they need to do something in the gym that's going to work on strengthening core, hips, those kinds of things," Wylie said. "There are a lot of problems when you have weakness there."

Adrian said the pain was intense she stopped running.

"I was at the point in November where I had run a couple of times and I'm talking maybe a four mile run," Adrian said. "It hurt so bad for three or four days after that I was literally like it's not worth it to run anymore."

But not anymore--after two months of rehab--with more to go--Adrian is on the road to recovery.

"Now I can go out and run and I'm fine."

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