For better or for worse, The Cowboys have said good-bye to Terrell Owens, and say what you will about T.O., but for all the controversy he brought to Dallas, he had just as much production. So with Owens out of the picture, the remaining Cowboy receivers, know they're going to have to earn the respect of opposing defenses.

"I would not prefer to get the respect. If you go into a fight, I'd rather have someone think I couldn't fight, if I got into one, rather than someone be prepared for me. We like the challenge and we're gonna continue to get better everyday," says receiver Miles Austin.

Receiver Roy Williams agrees. "We're gonna fly under the radar. We don't have the big high profile guys that everybody else has but we're gonna do what we're supposed to do and catch the ball."

The Cowboys say they don't have one receiver to replace T.O. They have 3... Dallas is banking on Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin as a group to get the job done.

Tony Romo says "They've worked their butts off this off season. I think we're a lot deeper than what people think. If we stay healthy, I really like what we got at that position.

Offensive Coordinator, Jason Garrett says, "I don't know if they're going to be fearful or not, but we like are receivers... These guys have all worked hard. We're gonna worry about ourselves... Come that first week of September, hopefully they'll be ready to go, I think they will."

In that case, The trio of Williams, Crayton, and Austin better make the most of their time at training camp. Even when you combine their total touchdowns, Owens still outscored them by one.