Dripping in diamonds, guests lined up on the red carpet to show off their jewels and support an international cause, the youth of South Africa through the Dallas Rocks Event.

I asked Jenna Bush-Hager, "Can you tell me about being here this evening and what it means to you to have this in Dallas?" And she said, "Texans love to give back and Russel has done so much for Africa and all over the world and we're really happy to be here tonight." Dikembe Mutombo, NBA Legend, says, "I think as a people we have to do whatever we can to find a way to fund the young population and save them." He and NFL legend Ray Crocket got involved in Russell Simmons Diamond Empowerment fund to raise awareness and give back. Ray says, "When he said that we were going to base this on diamonds and all about the Diamond industry giving back for education, it was a no brainer for me, I had to help."

One diamond bracelet every celebrity was wearing was on Simmons green bracelet. He says, "It's a one karat raw diamond and these are malachite beads, we've raised close to a million dollars for our school, the CETA Institute." And Anthony Anderson, from Law & Order, who emceed the event says, "Which is a free college, for those who don't know and reinvesting in legal diamonds, where diamonds are powerful in Africa and empower and enrich Africa."

One of the auctions? A live serenade by Motown legend Smokey Robinson. He says, "The kids in Africa struggle to get education, they want it and they struggle to get it. So anything I can do to aid them in their quest for education I'm ready to do it." By the end of the night, over $400,000 were raised, with proceeds going directly to students and their communities. Simmons says, "They go to school for free but they take what they learn and teach in their townships."