In the mood to buy some jewelry? Dallas County officials can help you out ... as long as you don't mind where it came from. The 33's Holly Yan reports.

The county is selling more than 700 pieces of bling -- that came from some unusual sources.

"The vast majority of it is from the Sheriff's Department. So it was related, in some form or fashion, to a criminal case," said Shannon Brown, Dallas County assistant administrator. "It was considered a part of that case, and it was awarded to the Sheriff's Department to dispose of."

But not all the jewelry came from criminal seizures. Some came from unclaimed property at Parkland Memorial Hospital, while others from dead bodies that were never identified at the county medical examiner's office.

The inventory has everything from a $5 pair of rings to a $1,360 gold medallion, classic jewelry to the unique. Proceeds go back to the Dallas County Sheriff's Department, Parkland Memorial Hospital or the county's general fund.

Heather Hollabaugh said she was impressed by the jewelry for sale -- but said she wouldn't buy after learning the possible origins.

"It'd be weird to wear someone else's jewelry, especially if they didn't know who [the owner] was," Hollabaugh said.

Regardless of where the bling came from, some say they deals are too good to pass up.

"If it's already been through the [criminal justice] system, I know it's clean," Patricia Bolanos said. "You can give them away for gifts, and they're really cheap."

The auction runs until Jan. 28. Shoppers can place bids at