It's that time of year again, when pesky mosquitoes start to wreak havoc on outdoor plans.

With all the wet weather North Texas has seen in recent weeks, creeks and other flood prone areas are about to see an abundance of nuisance mosquitoes.

"With the high water, we're expecting flood water mosquitoes which are nuisance mosquitoes, they are not disease carrying mosquitoes," said Tony Jenkins, Assistant Director of Environmental Health for Dallas County.

Jenkins expects a busy season. He says now that it is getting warmer, eggs that have laid dormant all winter long will hatch in the next few weeks. But those are not the ones to worry about. The disease carrying mosquitoes (like the ones with West Nile) need hotter, drier conditions. Peak time for them starts in mid June and that's when crews will begin spraying.

"We prevent by early detection and we control when we have some idea that the virus is active in our community," said Jenkins.

But there are some things homeowners can do now to prepare their yards.

"They can check their gutters to make sure there is not any stagnant water. You can check your French drains and make sure there is not any stagnant water. It is called source reduction of removing anything that collects just water sitting there," said Max Wingate, a technician from Mosquito Busters.

Some homeowners also take extreme measures. Services, like Mosquito Busters, can install insecticide misting systems throughout any property.

"When this system mists, it's going to eliminate all the bugs that are in this specific zone," Wingate said.

One homeowner in Dallas has about 300 nozzles spread across six areas. They spray twice a day. She says it has worked wonders. For months, her kids can play without getting bitten. Now that it is March, she says it is time to get prepared.