Your local grocery store knows you.  Possibly better than your spouse or best friend.    

“We’ve collected a lot of data on our best customers, and we can see what our best customers purchase every week,” said Gary Huddleston of Kroger. 

When you use a frequent shopper card, grocery stores know what you like, and can send customized coupons your way.

Kroger says most customers appreciate the fact they get coupons for the stuff they already buy. 

“I put them in my purse, and I watch for the sales, and I use them,” said Kroger customer Shirley Newsom.

Kroger adds that using their website or app, you can download extra savings to your Plus card. 

Tom Thumb just started its own personalized program called “Just For U.” 

“It combines innovative technology with personalized savings, and it saves the customer time and money,” said Connie Yates of Tom Thumb. 

Download the app or logon to your computer, pick and choose what coupons you’d like to use then get the savings at the check-out.

“If you purchase a lot of a particular laundry detergent, then you most likely will get an extra coupon for that,” said Yates.   

Tom Thumb adds that if the item is already on sale, and you use a customized coupon, plan on a pretty big deal.

“I was clipping coupons and I got really bogged down with the paperwork and my husband didn’t like that,” said Tom Thumb customer Rebecca Chambless.

Chambless says that thanks to Just For U, she now spends less at Tom Thumb than at Walmart

The program and concept is new, so plan on a quick walkthrough.   

With stores knowing so much about you, privacy concerns have come up. 

“We don’t sell this information, it’s very closely held within our organization,” said Huddleston. 

And the grocery stores will always allow you to opt out if you feel.