Thousands packed in to Cowboys Stadium Sunday afternoon for the season's home opener. They were greeted with a little more elbow room than you might expect.

Sunday morning Stubhub was still offering 1500 tickets. They were selling as low as $15.

Coming off a big win against the New York Giants.

"We beat the Giants. They're the Superbowl winners!" said Cowboys fan Brandi Smithey.

…and a big loss against the Seattle Seahawks...

"They just didn't show up. They didn't play that day. I don't know. Maybe they thought it was gonna be too easy," said Smithey. had mixed emotions about america's team going in to sunday's game.

"They're doing pretty good. We just need a better line to block for Romo," said Cowboys fan Damien Halton.

"We've just got to win the game now. That would be the crowning touch to the game, if we could pull off this win," said Cowboys fan Sarah Schol.

The good news for Cowboys fans is the team did win, 16-10.

But, it's as if the allure of the new stadium is starting to wear off.

The Cowboys reported 81,924 people in attendance. 110,000 is capacity.

We saw rows of open seats, and those that filled the seats were surprised to hear how low the prices went. Sunday morning Stubhub was still offering 1500 tickets. They were selling as low as $15.

"Oh, yeah, we didn't see those. We didn't pay 15 for these, but you can't argue with the visual you get sitting right here," said Schol, sitting in the front row.

Still, Sunday being the home opener, the fans who filled the stands were electric with excitement. Now that our 2-1 record is back in positive territory, they're ready for a big season.

"It's gonna happen this year. It is. Tell Jerry he better do it," said Smithey.

"You stick with your team, regardless. Win or lose, I'll be here, you know, rooting on the team. So, that's all that matters," said Halton.