Wade Phillips is out and Jason Garrett is in and the Cowboys confusion was topic 1-A at 105.3 FM The Fan Sports Radio.

The console lights blinked and the general feeling from fans was that Phillips needed to be fired --but not many fans are that fired up about giving assistant coach Garrett the job.

"As bad as the season is I don't think Jason Garrett has that much to prove himself," Host Richie Whitt said. "I mean the offense has been horrible, the defense has been terrible but if he can just get the players to pay hard that's a step in the right direction."

Bob Bragalone has been a season ticket holder since 1990--he's seen the good and the bad.

"This is definitely the worst season ever because of the expectations," Bragalone said. "I think the jury is still out on Jason Garrett --he certainly hasn't done a lot with the offense this year to make you think he's going to be a great head coach but I think he has more attention to detail."

Garrett was the highest paid assistant coach in the but he's never been a head coach at any level and some fans are rooting for former head coach Bill Cowher or former Tampa Bay head coach Jon Gruden because both have Super Bowl trophies.

105.3 FM host Gavin Dawson likes skins on the wall.

"You know, I really like the idea of having somebody in with championship rings," Dawson said. "I like all the big names that are being thrown around out there--Gruden, Dungee or Cower. I think it comes down to which personality meshes best with Jerry and which guy he's the most comfortable with."

Fans at Champps Sports Bar in Irving agree.

"I don't think Jason Garrett has any answers," A.J. Patel said.

As for Bragalone--he'd like to see owner Jerry Jones make a bold move--one that would help add to the Cowboys rich history.

"From the fans perspective," Bragalone said. "What we want is a proven winner who is disciplinarian and that's Cowher--he would be my first choice--Gruden probably a distant second.

Both would be better than where the Cowboys are in the standings. Last.