Colleyville Police, along with federal agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms believe pieces of the bomb dropped on a woman's doorstep may yield clues into who built the device.

"We will do lab analysis of the components that were left behind," Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Michael Golson Sr. said.

Investigators collected what was left of the device after it was detonanted by the bomb squad Sunday near the address on Dogwood Court, where a woman found a FedEx package at her front door containing the active bomb.

"I got a FedEx box that arrived last night and I just opened it up and it has a battery and my neighbor thinks it is a homemade bomb," the woman calmly told a 911 operator.

Police say they don't have any solid suspects, but haven't ruled out anyone including the woman's family members.

"We are investigating anyone with connections to that address. We are looking into her background to see if she may have had contact with the possible suspects," Colleyville Police Chief, Steve Dye said.

Investigators say the sophisticated device was meant to burn, not explode. It malfunctioned when the woman opened the box and they aren't disclosing the reason why.

Neighbors say they are still shaken by the bombing attempt, which is unusual for the low-crime community. They describe the divorced mother of two, who received the package as friendly.