Kristina Parsley is a busy girl. She chews gum all day while working at Floyds West End Barber Shop in Dallas, but her love of chewing gum may come at a price.

Some doctors now believe that chewing gum may cause wrinkles around the mouth.

Kristina however, said she isn't biting.

"It might wear out my jaw a little but, but wrinkles? I don't know," Said Kristina.

Co-worker Katie Kubiak also chews gum, bubble gum, but said any impact it has on wrinkles is over blown.

"I don't think it's like smoking in a sense, you are not making that puckering face that causes the wrinkles, that they say causes wrinkles, it's not the same sort of thing," Said Katie.

There are no studies, but some doctors now believe the repetitive motion of gum chewing may cause wrinkles around the mouth and fine lines on the lips. Board certified plastic surgeon Gregg Anigain of Forest Park Medical Center said the theory is hard to swallow.

"A 14 year old girls can chew gum every day, a pack of gum every day for a year and when she's fifteen, she's not going to have wrinkles around her mouth. Age causes wrinkles," Said DR. Anigain.

Dr. Anigain said wrinkles around the mouth are typically caused by two things, sun damage and getting older.

"These lip lines go up and down and straight because our mouth is beginning to suck in, that's when those changes occur. Chewing is ancillary to that, it's not the cause," Said Dr. Anigain.

As for Kristina, she said she chewed on the idea of gum causing wrinkles but in the end decided gum is the least of her worries.

"Maybe a little lock jaw, but not wrinkles," Said Kristina.

Dr. Anigain said that if you like gum, keep chewing, but he does warn that gum chewing can displace facial fillers often used to smooth out those fine lines.