As the air horn sounded just after 12-Noon inside the Alamodome, for once, it was pleasing to the ears. Training Camp in San Antonio is over.

"I'm tired of camp, hate camp" said receiver Patrick Crayton. "Once I touchdown in Dallas, it's going to be a celebration."

31 practices over 22 days with a game in Oakland mixed in there, several of the veterans said this was the toughest camp they've ever been through. Just the way head coach Wade Phillips wanted it."

"It was definitely tough" said Tight End Jason Witten. "On Wade's part to keep the focus, and from the players perspective really being focused, locked in on getting better and having a purpose for this camp and it's been intense and I think we've gotten a lot better" Witten said.

The Cowboys sustained no major injuries during this camp and for once, it was completely focused on football. No Hard Knocks cameras, no Terrell Owens side shows, no Pacman Jones security details, all football.

"The goal was to get them in football shape, mentally and physically" Phillips said. "We installed a whole lot of things, about 90 percent of the plays for the season. To get all those things done in a short amount of time that's' what we needed to do and that's what we tried to do."

The workouts will continue next week on the new grass practice fields at Valley Ranch. And they'll all be outside, in the heat, since the indoor practice facility is no more. But the players aren't thinking about that right now..because the next time they take the field it will be in that brand new stadium

"It's exciting" said Quarterback Tony Romo. "As a team, I know the players, we look really forward to getting out there and competing in a place that is obviously going to be unique and I think it means a lot for a lot of different people including us and were going to try to make it special for everybody else."

And even if it doesn't count, the first football game in Cowboys Stadium kicks off at 7:00 Friday night against the Tennessee Titans.

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