For seven straight years, the HP Byron Nelson Championship has raised more than six million dollars for the kids at the Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers. It may be a challenge to reach that mark this year.

While the hp title sponsor is locked in until 2014, several second tier sponsors, primarily financial institutions, have done away with their sponsorships so to make up for the shortage, tournament officials turned to D.A. Weibring to get creative. "They wanted to have a Legends Pro-Am and asked if I would help and I was happy to." Weibring said.

Today, 15 golfers who have last played on the seniors tour, raised 200-thousand dollars in the inaugural Legends Pro-Am. "I am here, especially for Byron" said 80 year old golfer Don January. "You know, I've known him since I was a kid and he was a special person." Many golfers told me how much Byron would have enjoyed seeing this and his wife Peggy, agrees. "This is fun! Friends from earlier days of Byron's tournament and some of the guys who have come on to the champions tour that have done so well out there."

What amateur golfer wouldn't want to play alongside Don January, Miller Barber and Lee Trevino. Trevino says of all the sports, this one is the best at raising the cash. "If you're a baseball team and have an outing for charity, generally it's playing golf, football it's playing golf, hockey it's playing golf, this is what this great game is all about."

Since these men are here, it's a perfect opportunity to put bugs in their ears to go lobby the PGA Tour to bring the Seniors Tour, now called the Champions Tour, back to the Metroplex. It's one of the two-fold reasons Weibring wanted to get this Legends Pro-Am up and running. "I think it would be a wonderful fit in the spring" Weibring said. "Probably our Houston tournament that has been in the fall, is going to move to the spring, so on the Champions Tour, we could have Austin, Houston and Dallas, the way the regular tour does."

Don't you know the men Salesmanship Club would gladly take out the white shirts and red pants for the money that event would bring to their charity.