This weekend is set to be one of the biggest weekends of the year for North Texas. With so many events and attractions, visitors are pouring in to Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth. With both the Dallas Cowboys home game and the Rangers hosting game three of the World Series Saturday, Arlington authorities are expecting packed parking lots. Combine that with the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show and the last weekend of the Texas State Fair, the weekend is expected to be a busy one for the Metroplex. And many locals welcome the visitors, like Tabor Brown and his buddies.

While shopping for Rangers gear Tabor explains, "I'm from South Carolina and I'm really here to see the Rangers play the World Series, and win the title. While we're here we'll check out some sports bars in the area. We'll do some more shopping and get Rangers stuff. We'll see game three and four, and buy a hat or two. Go and have a good time!"

Alex Cavazos and his new wife are just a few of the thousands of visitors expected to fill Cowboys Stadium on Saturday as the Cowboys take on the St. Louis Rams. As visitors arrive, they buy. They are already packing into local stores, and pumping millions into the local economy. Cavazos says, "We're just here for the Cowboys game and to see all the World Series buzz. And kinds just get a feel for all the buzz really. We're from Corpus Christie and we just came down for our honeymoon.

While here, an average family of four could easily spend more than $2500, with tickets, restaurant visits, shopping, entertainment and hotels according to the Arlington Convention and Vistors Bureau. The Bradford family, which includes four girls plus mom and dad, says they've already spent more than that. And 14-year-old Amanda says she's enjoyed it, "We're from Oklahoma and I plan on watching the Cowboys play the St. Louis Rams. We're here to go to Six flags and watch the Rams play the Cowboys."

At the fair grounds, the roller-coaster ride of economic ups and downs has steadied with visitors who come to take in the last weekend of the Texas State Fair, where numbers are up. Sue Gooding, the spokesperson for the Texas State Fair spokesperson says the number have been great for far and they expect they'll be better this weekend. She adds, "This year could be the top three since we first appeared here back in 1886. We know we'll have lost of Rangers fans, lots of Cowboys fans."

Another attraction this weekend is the Alliance Air Show that annually draws more than 100,000 onlookers. This year the Alliance Air Show expects there could be 125,000 in attendance. And while the families are wowed by the planes, local business owners are thrilled, too. Like Cesar Garza who operates a local beer distribution company.
Garza smiles as he shares his feelings on this weekend's tourists, "Packed with people, the local bars and area businesses, it's great for business here. Between the World Series and the Cowboys game and all the restaurants. It's great for the local economy. It's great for us, all the bars in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. More people more money."

And what may be the biggest weekend stir of all, is the anticipated World Series. The first home game for the Rangers means hotels are in demand and seeing an increase in occupancy.
Jay Burress, president and CEO of the Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau, says "We see our hotels full right now. We see an increase with the occupancy tax. The restaurants are full. And people are just in a great mood."

Though it means some likely traffic woes, on I-30 and other roadways. Many say, busy is GOOD. Burress adds, "Everything's positive and everything's good. With the events going on in Arlington this weekend, we couldn't be happier."