It's the latest pilates craze, and I tried out the first class of its type here in Dallas at Beyond Pilates.

The megaformer uses coils and pulleys, along with your own body weight to create resistence while you do classic pilates moves. Until now the only way you could take a group pilates class was in a 'mat' method, and the only machine available was with the reformer. This new class, which is limited to 10 students, provides an opportunity for many students who want to try out the usually very expensive method of pilates.

I took a class, and immediately felt every muscle in my body burning. Brandi Marino and her business partner Bethany brought the concept to Texas to spread the benefits of megaformer pilates to the masses. While taking a one on one pilates class can cost up to $100, Brandi's classes can be as inexpensive as $15 a class.

To add to the challenge, Brandi makes sure the class takes their time with each exercise, moving slowly to maximize each move, and fatigue muscles.

the other students in the class say they've noticed ia difference in their flexibility, posture, tightened core muscles and breathe slower and deeper.

Personally, my muscles were sore for three days, but I alrady felt taller and leaner!